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This is where to find Belmont Stakes payouts from past editions of the Triple Crown race. This includes schedules for a win, place and show. We take you through the results and payouts at the Belmont Stakes over recent years, which will give you some insight into what your wagers for future races may return.

Belmont Stakes Payouts from Recent Editions of The Test of the Champion

Belmont Stakes payouts from Belmont Park

Let’s take a look back at the payouts from recent years. Starting with the Belmont Stakes 2023 results and payouts and going right back to 2015.

Belmont Stakes Payouts 2024

Longshot Dornoch rewarded those betting on outsiders as he bested second-favorite Mindframe and the favored Sierra Leone in something of an upset. What most Belmont payouts 2024 won’t tell you is this edition of the race not only took place at Saratoga, but was over 10 furlongs instead of 12.

This is what a win, place and show paid, plus exotic bets that didn’t include Kentucky Derby hero Mystik Dan or Preakness Stakes winner Seize The Grey. There were some large Belmont Stakes 2024 payouts on the exotics with a shock winner leading home the field:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
6 Dornoch $37.40 $17.60 $8.10
10 Mindframe $6.80 $4.20
9 Sierra Leone $2.60
  • $1 Exacta (6-10) $163.25
  • $0.50 Trifecta (6-10-9) $236.50
  • $0.10 Superfecta (6-10-9-8) $320.05

Belmont Payouts 2023

Anyone backing Jena Antonucci’s Arcangelo, who was 8/1 on the Morning Line odds, will have received a decent return on their investment in pari-mutuel pools on Belmont Stakes betting sites in 2023.

However, as the first and second-favorites occupied the second and third spots, this prevented big dividends on exotic bets. Here are the Belmont Stakes 2023 payouts on the race:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
3 Arcangelo $17.80 $7.20 $4.90
6 Forte $4.30 $3.30
2 Tapit Trice $4.10
  • $1 Exacta (3-6) $34.00
  • $1 Trifecta (3-6-2) $133.24
  • $1 Superfecta (3-6-2-7) $292.50

Belmont Stakes 2022 Payouts

The 2022 winner Mo Donegal was the second-favorite, but the others making in the show were bigger prices. Todd Pletcher trained the first two home.

With the filly Nest finishing second after Morning Line odds of 8/1, plus longshot Skippylongstocking taking third, the dividends on exotics were pretty generous. Below are the 2022 payouts for the Belmont Stakes, which you can look at before learning how to bet on the Belmont Stakes this year.

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
6 Mo Donegal $7.20 $3.80 $3.00
3 Nest $5.30 $4.10
2 Skippylongstocking $5.60
  • $1 Exacta (6-3) $13.80
  • $1 Trifecta (6-3-2) $187.50
  • $1 Superfecta (6-3-2-1) $692.00

Belmont Stakes 2021 Payouts

The Belmont Stakes panned out pretty much how it was expected to in 2021. The favorite Essential Quality won, ahead of two other fancied runners in Hot Rod Charlie and the Preakness Stakes winner Rombauer. Each were among the most popular horses with bettors.

With all three being priced at short Belmont Stakes odds, this produced the smallest returns on the race in the period that we’re looking back upon. Here are the Belmont payouts for 2021:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
2 Essential Quality $4.60 $3.00 $2.60
4 Hot Rod Charlie $4.10 $2.90
3 Rombauer $3.50
  • $1 Exacta (2-4) $7.50
  • $1 Trifecta (2-4-3) $21.70
  • $1 Superfecta (2-4-3-6) $60.70

Belmont Payouts 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Belmont Stakes took place before the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes in 2020. It went to Belmont Stakes picks hot favorite Tiz the Law, who beat Dr Post, ranked third in the betting.

The presence of the outsider Max Player in third position, created a decent return on the trifecta and superfecta. Below are the Belmont Stakes payouts from 2020:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
8 Tiz the Law $3.60 $2.90 $2.60
9 Dr Post $5.80 $4.20
3 Max Player $5.20
  • $1 Exacta (8-9) $9.80
  • $1 Trifecta (8-9-3) $99.50
  • $1 Superfecta (8-9-3-10) $556.50

Belmont Stakes Payouts 2019

Sir Winston was a surprise winner in 2019, with a 12/1 price on the Morning Line odds. Although the favorite Tacitus finished second, the fact that outsiders Joevia and Tax finished third and fourth, ensured bumper dividends in the more ambitious exotic bets. Here are the payouts from the Belmont in 2019:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
7 Sir Winston $22.40 $8.80 $6.10
10 Tacitus $3.90 $3.20
1 Joevia $8.70
  • $1 Exacta (7-10) $48.00
  • $1 Trifecta (7-10-1) $1,244.00
  • $1 Superfecta (7-10-1-4) $10,428.00

Belmont Payouts 2018

The 2018 Belmont Stakes was the last occasion when racing fans got to see a Triple Crown winner. Justify added the Belmont to his Derby and Preakness wins.

Naturally, he was a red-hot favorite to win the race, which made for relatively small returns. Gronkowski placed at bigger odds, so exacta bettors and those lucky enough to pull off other exotics had tasty dividends. Below are the Belmont results and payouts for 2018:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
1 Justify $3.60 $3.50 $2.80
6 Gronkowski $13.80 $7.00
4 Hofburg $3.70
  • $1 Exacta (1-6) $44.50
  • $1 Trifecta (1-6-4) $229.74
  • $1 Superfecta (1-6-4-8) $1,051.50

Belmont Stakes 2017 Payouts

Following the draw for Belmont Stakes post positions, Irish War Cry was expected to win in 2017.  But he had to make do with second place, behind third-favorite Tapwrit. Patch coming third and Gormley taking fourth ensured that successful bettors on the trifecta and superfecta were well rewarded. Here are the Belmont Stakes payouts for 2017:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
2 Tapwrit $12.80 $6.50 $5.00
7 Irish War Cry $4.70 $3.90
12 Patch $6.50
  • $1 Exacta (2-7) $22.60
  • $1 Trifecta (2-7-12) $312.00
  • $1 Superfecta (2-7-12-3) $2243.00

Belmont Payouts 2016

There was a large field of 13 runners in 2016, with strong favorite Exaggerator finishing way down in 11th position. Creator was the surprise Belmont Stakes winner returning huge dividends for a win, place and show.

Destin, Lani and Governor Malibu were all relative longshots too, so big exacta, trifecta and superfecta returns made it pay to bet in pari-mutuel pools. Below are the Belmont payouts from the 2016 race:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
13 Creator $34.80 $14.60 $9.40
2 Destin $9.40 $6.20
10 Lani $6.60
  • $1 Exacta (13-2) $134.50
  • $1 Trifecta (13-2-10) $1375.50
  • $1 Superfecta (13-2-10-1) $13,967.50

Belmont Stakes Payouts 2015

American Pharoah features in Belmont Stakes payouts from 2015

A long wait for a Triple Crown winner came to an end in 2015. American Pharoah won the Belmont, becoming the first horse to land the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978.

With the winner a 3/5 pre-race favorite, even the presence of the longshot Keen Ice in third spot couldn’t boost the dividends on exotics. Here are the Belmont Stakes payouts for 2015:

Program Number Horse Win Place Show
5 American Pharoah $3.50 $2.80 $2.50
6 Frosted $3.50 $2.90
7 Keen Ice $4.60
  • $1 Exacta (5-6) $6.80
  • $1 Trifecta (5-6-7) $54.75
  • $1 Superfecta (5-6-7-1) $285.00

What Can Belmont Stakes Results And Payouts Tell Us?

A lot can be learned about Belmont Stakes payouts today, by looking back at those from the past.

You cannot expect large payouts if the favorite wins, which was the case in four of the nine Belmont Stakes that we looked back upon. The biggest priced winner was Sir Winston in 2019, but the vast majority of the Belmonts we analysed were claimed by one of the favorites.

There were however, regular occasions when an outsider was able to make the show. Skippylongstocking finished third in 2022. Max Player filled the same spot in 2020 and Joevia from 2019. Likewise, Lani in 2016 and Keen Ice from 2015, mean it can pay to look at longshots for a top 3 finish.

If you picked one of those out in your trifecta or superfecta, then you could expect big dividends and payouts. Definitely consider longshots outrunning their odds and into the show for the Belmont Stakes this year.


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