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If you want to know about Belmont Stakes tickets for the big race at Saratoga this year, then we can help. We’re going to reveal everything that you need to know about attending this event. You can be in the crowd to witness the 2024 Belmont Stakes in person.

How Much Are Belmont Stakes Tickets?

Belmont Stakes tickets

This is a huge sporting event on Belmont Stakes betting sites, especially if there’s a live Triple Crown bid, yet it remains surprisingly affordable. This is despite the race moving to Saratoga Race Course this year and next while Belmont Park undergoes renovation.

Belmont Stakes 2024 ticket prices start at just $50 for general admission. That’s excellent value when you consider that the Belmont Day program features nine graded stakes races, six of which are Grade I events. Tickets for children ages 4-12 are $20.

If you want to attend all four days of the Belmont Stakes schedule and this Racing Festival at Saratoga, then a four-day pass will cost you $90 for general admission. Unfortunately, the bad news is that these ticket prices will have to serve as an example for the 2025 event.

That’s because the 2024 Belmont Stakes is a complete sell-out. The good news is that there are resale tickets available, albeit at a higher price. Costs may increase from the Belmont Stakes post positions draw to the morning off the race.

At the time of writing general admission tickets were available at $145. Reserved seating options start at $805. If you really want to splash out, seats in the Cutwater Stretch start at $1,400. Those seats give you a superb view of the finish line.

When Do Belmont Stakes Tickets Go On Sale?

Several months before the big race, Belmont Stakes at Saratoga tickets went on sale on February 15. 2024. They sold fast.

With the race due to be held in Saratoga for the first time, interest was always likely to be high. Yet this surprised everyone, as Kevin Quinn, who is the Vice President for Sales and Hospitality at the New York Racing Association, explained there was immediate demand.

“The response was huge,” Quinn told BloodHorse. “The Belmont was sold out in a day. I thought general admission would last a few days, but it shows the demand for the event.

“A normal pre-sale for the Belmont Stakes might be 5,000 by May. We sold 30,000 in a few days, which is nuts.”

The Belmont Stakes remains at Saratoga in 2025. It therefore seems safe to assume that tickets for the 2025 event will go on sale around the same time of the year, as has previously been the case. That would mean that tickets for next year’s race would be available sometime in February 2025.

Why are Belmont Stakes Tickets At Saratoga This Year?

As discussed above, Saratoga Belmont Stakes tickets have been in high demand. You may be wondering why the Belmont takes place at Saratoga in 2024 and 2025, when it is normally hosted at Belmont Park.

The reason for this change is that a massive redevelopment project is currently taking place at Belmont Park, where the current grandstand and clubhouse are being demolished. A new 275,000 square foot building is being built, that will contain the sort of amenities and hospitality options that modern sports fans have come to expect.

Though the development is not set to be fully completed until the third quarter of 2026, it is expected that the Belmont Stakes will be able to return to Belmont Park in June 2026, prior to the opening of the new building.

As is the case with all construction projects, there is the potential for work to overrun. Although the plan is for the Belmont Stakes to return home in 2026, that may not happen in practice. We advise sports fans to keep an eye out for how the development is progressing.

For now, when it comes to tickets for Belmont Stakes, the 2024 and 2025 races will be held at Saratoga and the 2026 event at Belmont Park. Good to know if you are planning to watch your Belmont Stakes picks live!

Where Can You Buy Tickets To Belmont Stakes Online?

As we have previously mentioned, official 2024 Belmont Stakes tickets have completely sold out. It doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on them, though.

That leaves the resale marketplace as the only place where you can now buy tickets for the 2024 Belmont Stakes at Saratoga. If you go to the ticket section of the Belmont Stakes website, you will find links to their resale partner Ticketmaster, listing the tickets that are for sale for the 2024 race.

A quick internet search will reveal several further resale websites where Belmont Stakes tickets 2024 are available. There are also sites selling premium hospitality packages for the 2024 Belmont Stakes at Saratoga.

For those of you that are already thinking of buying tickets for the 2025 Belmont, they should be available in February 2025 from the official Belmont Stakes website.

On one hand demand may not quite be as fierce as it was this year, due to the novelty value of a Triple Crown event wearing off and a Belmont Stakes winner triumphing at Saratoga. Yet the counter-argument is that the 2025 race is set to be the final time that the Belmont is hosted there, before it returns to Belmont Park. Therefore, we can expect demand for tickets to still be pretty robust and you may need to be quick to secure your spot at Saratoga in 2025.


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