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Belmont Stakes post positions determine where each horse starts from in the big race. Our experts explain how the draw works, why it matters, and if advantageous post positions really can affect your bets on the Belmont Stakes.

How Do Post Positions for the Belmont Stakes Work?

The Belmont Stakes post draw typically takes place a few days before Saturday’s race. This random draw is overseen by race officials determining when final declarations are made for starting gates horses jump out of. If you’re learning how to bet on Belmont Stakes, sit up and take notice. You should pay attention to this draw.

Belmont Stakes Post Positions

Post positions can sometimes influence the odds at Belmont Stakes betting sites for any horse in the field. Although there is a safety limit of 16 horses in the race, it is rare to see so many starters in one race. Since 2000, it’s common to see between 8 and 10 horses, although there have been occasional exceptions such as 2003’s six starters.

It is worth noting that this year’s Belmont Stakes draw times and location will look different from usual. This is due to the American Thoroughbred classic’s move to Saratoga Race Course for 2024 (and 2025) while Belmont Park undergoes renovations. If you have Belmont Stakes tickets for either of these races, you’ll be watching from Upstate New York.

When is the Post Position Draw for the Belmont Stakes?

The Belmont Stakes draw in 2024 takes place at 5pm ET on Monday, June 3. There are full details of the gates each horse jumps from below.

Belmont Stakes Post Positions 2024

Here’s where you’ll find Belmont Stakes post positions for this year following the draw. Remember, unlike usual, the sold-out race is at Saratoga rather than Belmont Park on Saturday, June 8. This is the draw in full:

  1. Seize The Grey
  2. Resilience
  3. Mystik Dan
  4. The Wine Steward
  5. Antiquarian
  6. Dornoch
  7. Protective
  8. Honor Marie
  9. Sierra Leone
  10. Mindframe

Why Belmont Post Positions Matter

Handicappers and oddsmakers consider both the strength of Belmont Stakes horses and post positions they occupy. A good draw can make or break their chances.

Some stats and data support the view that inside post positions are more favorable to Belmont Stakes payouts and wins. Horses that start closer to the rail have less ground to cover on the track, which can prove positive over the 1.5 miles race distance.

Post Wins Success Rate
1 24 18.75%
2 14 10.94%
3 16 12.50%
4 10 7.81%
5 15 11.72%
6 9 7.03%
7 14 10.94%
8 7 5.47%
9 4 3.13%
10 1 0.78%
11 3 2.34%
12 1 0.78%
13 1 0.78%

Some Belmont Stakes post positions have fared better than others. For instance, gate 1 has produced 24 previous Belmont Stakes winners at a historic success rate of 18.75%. Meanwhile, a higher draws from 10, 11 ,12, and 13 have just six successes between them. Although much of this has to do with fewer horses racing from those positions.

Belmont Stakes Post Position Draw Stats

There are stats to follow regarding Belmont Stakes odds and post positions that may influence how you look at things. If you’d like to learn more about the importance of this data for the Belmont Stakes post draw, keep reading.

Best Post Positions for Belmont Stakes

Based on the numbers, the best Belmont Stakes post positions are #1 (24 wins), #3 (16 wins), and #5 (15 wins). At the time of writing, #1 has more wins than many of the other gates combined, making it popular with anyone making Belmont Stakes picks online. It would take the combined wins of #3, #9, #10, and #11 to equal the success #l has enjoyed.

The Worst Belmont Stakes Draw

The worst post positions for Belmont Stakes are wider in gates #10, #12, and #13. All three have failed to produce multiple wins, making them the most undesirable traps in the race. However, it must be pointed out that while post #1 will almost always be occupied, the higher numbers are often vacant. Field sizes are often smaller than 10 here.

Belmont Stakes Post Positions & Odds of Winners Since 2000

Looking back at the winners to have emerged from certain Belmont Stakes post positions can be telling. While we have seen some upset Belmont results in recent years, the emergence of post #3, for example, has been interesting.

The following table illustrates names, Belmont post positions, and final odds for all champions in the 21st Century.

Year Belmont Winner Post Position Final Odds
2023 Arcangelo 3 +790
2022 Mo Donegal 6 +260
2021 Essential Quality 2 -333
2020 Tiz the Law 8 -167
2019 Sir Winston 7 +1000
2018 Justify 1 -125
2017 Tapwrit 2 +500
2016 Creator 13 +1000
2015 American Pharoah 5 -133
2014 Tonalist 11 +450
2013 Palace Malice 12 +1300
2012 Union Rags 3 +175
2011 Ruler On Ice 3 +2400
2010 Drosselmeyer 7 +1200
2009 Summer Bird 4 +950
2008 Da’ Tara 6 +3800
2007 Rags to Riches 7 +400
2006 Jazil 8 +600
2005 Afleet Alex 9 +115
2004 Birdstone 4 +300
2003 Empire Maker 1 +200
2002 Sarava 12 +7000
2001 Point Given 9 +140
2000 Commendable 3 +1800


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